Year 2019: Canada gets Trudeau back despite all ifs and buts…

Canada News Special

The year 2019 will be one of the milestones in Canadian history – but for all the wrong reasons. The Team IndiaTimes.Live looked at all the events that made it to the news for Canada and found that these were either shocks, sad or big apologies. Nothing has changed much it seems with everything standing exactly where it was the same time last year, except more disgraceful events. There have been some winners but coming down on the UN Happiness Index from 9 to 7th position was also surely not a happy one.

Here’s a recap of what made 2019 for Canada

SNC-Lavalin pleads guilty to fraud charges

Federal election 2019: Trudeau gets to make a Minority Govt

justin tudeau federal election 2019

Rising of Sikh Leader: Jagmeet Singh practically became the Kingmaker

jagmeet singh

Andrew Scheer Steps Down: Conservatives stand headless

andrew scheer

Don Cherry: Disgraceful exit, completely uncalled for

don cherry

Tensions with China: nothing seems to working, stalemate !

Brown Face Controversy: Justin Trudeau feels ashamed of his act

Doug Ford: Critics, media, public, all love lost….even school children and parents.

Doug Ford Indiatimes Live

NAFTA finally signed: hope to get some balls rolling in Canada’s favour finally!


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