Vote For Anyone, But Brampton Remains Punjabi Political Playground

Canada News Special

The scene on the Canada Federal election front has already reached a sizzling level, heightened further after the National Leaders First Debate that kept the cafes and social platforms buzzing with political discussions this weekend.

We at IndiaTimes.Live have also been following the build-up to the election closely to understand the pulse of the voter. Interestingly, while Ontario is considered to be a typical Liberal political ground, the voter doesn’t want to pick a Liberal candidate and to be specific not get Trudeau BACK.



The stand is interesting and confusing at the same time because of the fact that the voter is shunning both the Liberals and the Conservatives. That they don’t want to vote for a Liberal government need no explanation, but the concern remains that the choice of candidates by the Conservatives has sown seeds of doubt in their minds.

The Conservative candidates seemed to have already earned much disapproval of the Brampton voter. The very direct proof of this statement comes from the way campaigns have been progressing in Brampton.

The Ridings of Brampton North, Brampton South, Brampton Centre and Brampton East have Punjabi candidates from the Conservatives.
Arpan Khanna, Ramandeep Brar, Pawanjit Gosal and Ramona Singh, all these Conservative candidates are Punjabi. If you visit their campaigns, you hardly see people from any other community supporting them as it’s all become a Punjabi affair.

Mentioning a specific event where Andrew Scheer had come to Arpan Khanna office the Conservative candidate from Brampton North, there were only people from the Punjabi community. If a national party prime ministerial candidate is not able to attract people to his campaign, then there is something drastically wrong either with the candidate or the campaign, if not the party.

It could also be a pointer to the people of Brampton people from other communities not being interested in voting. This should be a point of concern for the Liberals, Conservatives and even NDP candidates.

According to insiders, we learnt that these candidates have “managed” nominations from the Conservatives because of the fact that Punjabis are very good at fundraising and these candidates can manage their campaigns with flamboyance and don’t need to dip into party coffers for their promotions.

The sad part is that Brampton is seeing candidates “win” nominations on the basis of money and not on potential or personality. The people connect with just their own community, the campaigns funded by their own people so why would people from other communities be even interested in them.

Fielding Punjabi candidates from Brampton was the card played by Liberals four years back and this is the reason that Conservatives also decided to go the same way. According to election watchers, had the Conservatives given people of mixed communities a chance to stand against these Liberal Punjabi candidates, they could have managed a coup.

But for Brampton, it’s more of “Punjabi Selection” than “Federal Election” and it remains to be seen which way the wind will blow!



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