The Balle Balle factor in Canada elections…

When it’s election time, the opponents wear invisible boxing gloves and box, badger and bruise each other on every issue. Like little squabbling children, they cannot agree on anything. Canada, facing the elections this year shows the same pattern. But for one issue, the gloves are off.   And that is the strength of the Punjabi community in […]

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justin trudeau failed

Canada Speaks Out: Justin Trudeau is Not Coming Back In October

IndiaTimes.Live conducted an online poll through the social media, which clearly indicates that the Canadian Federal Election scheduled for October this year will surely be a tough battle for Liberals, as Canadians have gathered immense HATE for the Prime Minister and leader of the party Justin Trudeau.

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Canada Federal Election 2019_Indiatimes.liver

Countdown to Federal Election 2019: CLICK to POLL before you VOTE!

Federal Election in Canada is due in October. The present government is headed by the Liberals Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who faces a formidable opponent in Andrew Scheer, a Conservative.
As Canada prepares to vote for its new government, IndiaTimes.Live tries to find out the popularity of the political parties in their respective spheres. Voting is open till September 30.

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