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Savita Bhatti: The Complicated Political Hues In Canada

Whoever said that “No party will control the House of Commons”, is having the last laugh. Trudeau and his party’s campaign for power was so damaged by the ‘brownface’, ‘blackface’ photos and his involvement and interference in a court case that instead of a thumping majority, all you got was a quivering, fragile return to power. It was left to the ‘Sardar” in the elections to steady the government.

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Canada, Are you Happy with the Outcome of Federal Elections?

Indiatimes.Live has got huge feedback from social media users across Canada on the Federal Elections results. Thus we open a platfrom through this poll for you to comment, discuss and submit your opinions on the Federal Election Results. So tell us are you happy with the results and accept Justin Trudeau once again as your Prime Minister?

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Jason Kenny comes to Conservatives rescue in Ontario, but where is Doug Ford?

What is wrong with Doug Ford? This is the question that comes to my mind when I look at the present situation in Ontario with only a couple of weeks to Canada’s Federal Election 2019.
The present situation was predicted by IndiaTimes.Live in the first week of September when our sources informed that Doug Ford would be a spoiler for Conservatives in Ontario.

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Federal Election 2019: Canada Loses hands down because…….

he general feeling that the Canadians are going through is that they will lose no matter which political party wins.The reasons as understood by the IndiaTimes.Live editorial team. We talked to sources, questioned the voters, seeked their opinion and the voter in Canada is too confused, whom to vote for a better Canada. Promises Broken, No ethics, money scams, skeletons in cupboards. Canada doesn’t trust its politicians. Period!

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Introducing Mr Trudeau The Canadian SULTAN

So when Justin Trudeau’s college time pictures of having a ‘blackface’ and ‘brownface’, that is wearing make up to change the color of your skin, I was elated. Here was an extremely good looking foreigner who in his college days fantasized about being ‘brown’ and ‘black’. What a great tribute to the Black and other ‘non white’ communities.

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The Maclean’s/CityTV Debate was Liberally, Conservatively & Democratically GREENS-WAY!

It was a big night and a bigger fight staged in the studios of Maclean’s/CityTV. The first national debate with the top leaders had been called and the scene could well be compared with a classroom. A topper, a backbencher, a cheater and a bunker – there were all these categories of participants.

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