‘PC’s Welcomed Back In Alberta With Open Arms, After A Promise of Jobs, Infrastructure & Business Growth

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17 April, 2019

  • Repeal the provincial carbon tax
  • Turn off the taps on oil and gas shipments to British Columbia
  • Expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline
  • Focus on boosting investment in the province
  • Setting Lowest taxes in Canada

Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party won the Alberta Provincial Elections bagging  63 of the province’s 87 seats.

“We will strive to be a government for all Albertans, not just those who voted for us,” said Jason Kenney who rode high the UCP wave to majority government in Alberta.

Kenney has promised that his UCP government will start with a bang, launching a frantic first 100 days of legislation to undo the work of the previous NDP government. Beyond repealing the provincial carbon tax, their first move will be to make law a bill passed last year that would “turn off the taps” on oil and gas shipments to British Columbia, a move Kenney hopes will give him leverage if the west coast province tries to further interfere with the expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

After that, Kenney will begin knocking down the many dominos contained in his massive campaign platform, with a focus on boosting investment in the province. Cutting the corporate tax rate, lowering the youth minimum wage and big push on deregulation are all on the docket in Kenney’s first session.

“Tonight I send a message to businesses everywhere: if you want to benefit from what will be the lowest taxes in Canada, a government that will cut its red tape burden by at least one third, with Canada’s best educated population and a deep culture of enterprise and innovation, come to Alberta,” Kenney said in his victory speech.

Kenney vowed to push back against environmental campaigns protesting Alberta’s oil industry, announcing plans for a public inquiry “into the foreign source of funds behind the campaign to landlock Alberta energy.”

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