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The date October 21, 2019 has been set for Canada’s federal elections and the political arena is heating up with nominations, scrutiny and political lobbying.

With just a day to go to the date of closing PC’s final nomination for Brampton Centre, Ontario  has become a very interesting political playground. IndiaTimes.Live team snooped in on the whispers in the corridors of power about the nomination of candidates.

It is being expected that this time, PC will nominate former Federal Sports Minister Bal Gosal’s wife Pawanjit Gosal from Brampton Centre. The decision lies with Executive Director of Conservative Party of Canada, Mr Dustin Van Vugt.

It is rumoured that if Pawanjit’s candidature gets his stamp of approval, it could be Mr Dustin’s return favour as he was the chief of staff with Bal Gosal, when he was the Sports Minister.

This move could raise a huge controversy, as some of the party members and candidates are beginning to get upset over the way Mr Dustin seems to be favouring Pawanjit Gosal’s nomination.

The ones in the race for Brampton Centre nominations include Mr Ripudaman Dhillon, who is a candidate of record for PC Ontario, Manan Dhutta, Inderjit Mann, Jagdeep Singh and Nick Gahunia.

IndiaTimes.Live team wrote to Mr Dustin Van Vugt for comments, but no reply has been received.

Whether Mr Dustin would want to upset the applecart will be clear by Friday.

Meanwhile, the build up to the October Federal Elections has already started unfolding as more of a political drama and making a mockery of the word “Elections” to “Selections”.


Questions that need answers from PC’s leadership deciding nominations !

  •  What is the reason that Mr Bal Gosal’s wife, Pawanjit Gosal, is up for nomination and not him?
  •  When Mr Bal Gosal was the Sports Minister for PC Ontario, Mr Dustin was his chief of staff. So is allowing Mr Gosal’s wife’s nomination a return favor by Mr Executive Director PC?
  • There was a sexual harassment complaint against Mr Gosal by Shannon Whitteker, which was taken note by PMO, is this the reason why Mr Gosal is making his nomination but his wife ?
  • What is the political standing of Mr Bal Gosal’s wife that her nomination is even being being cleared for Brampton Centre?
  • Why is Mr Ripudaman Dhillon who is a candidate of record for PC Ontario, not being considered for this nomination?
  • Does the Progressive Conservatives rulebook mention that individuals with a criminal record cannot be a part of the Party? 
  • Any specific criteria for rejecting the applications of Manan Dhutta, Inderjit Mann, Jagdeep Singh and Nick Gahunia,
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