Ontario: Vaughan-Woodbridge MP Francesco Sorbara

MP Tracker Ontario


Political Affiliation:  Liberal

Constituency:  Vaughan — Woodbridge

Province / Territory:  Ontario

Email:  Francesco.Sorbara@parl.gc.ca

Web Site:  www.mpfrancescosorbara.com

Current Roles:

  • Member of Parliament for Vaughan—Woodbridge (Ontario)



  • Subcommittee on Agenda and Procedure of the Standing Committee on Finance
  • Standing Committee on Finance

Parliamentary Associations and Inter-parliamentary Groups


  • Chair, Canada-Italy Inter-parliamentary Group
  • Vice-Chair, Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association
  • Vice-Chair, Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group
  • Member, Canada-Ireland Inter-parliamentary Group
  • Member, Canada-United Kingdom Inter-Parliamentary Association


  • Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association
  • Canada-France Inter-parliamentary Association
  • Canada-Germany Inter-parliamentary Group
  • Canada-Ireland Inter-parliamentary Group
  • Canada-Israel Inter-parliamentary Group
  • Canada-Italy Inter-parliamentary Group
  • Canada-Japan Inter-Parliamentary Group
  • Canada-United Kingdom Inter-Parliamentary Association
  • Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group
  • Canadian Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
  • Canadian Delegation to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly
  • Canadian NATO Parliamentary Association
  • Canadian Section of ParlAmericas
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