Ontario: London North Centre MP Peter Fragiskatos

MP Tracker Ontario


Political Affiliation:  Liberal

Constituency:  London North Centre

Province / Territory:  Ontario

Email:  Peter.Fragiskatos@parl.gc.ca

Web Site:  peterfragiskatos.ca

Current Roles:

  • Member of Parliament for London North Centre (Ontario)



  • Standing Committee on Finance
  • Subcommittee on International Human Rights of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development
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3 thoughts on “Ontario: London North Centre MP Peter Fragiskatos

  1. I cannot believe my MP , supported in the last campaign , cannot employ an adequate staff here to deal with local matters and requests from his constituents . I literally publicly embarrassed his predecessor because of her failure to so as well. Glen Pearson . Where are you now ? MP’s by oath represent their local voters . It is a two-street ….not a pale imitation of the Trumpkin fool in the USA and his cronies dictating to us . No money . No sign . No respect >

  2. The reason for starting this MP Tracker is that we first need to evaluate the present Parliament Representatives, create a forum of open discussion and then go to the Federal Election voting with an awareness to what do i want in my next Representative.
    keep sharing, following and participating in India Times MP Tracker.

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