One answer to so many questions on COVID-19: Find the REMEDY to save the world!

COVID-19 Recent Special

As per the statistics and calculations worked out by many expert organisations and infection-fighting laboratories, the death rate in COVID-19 is about 4%.

Though it is well known but still for reference stake, COVID-19 was first detected in China around December 30 and it spread like wild fire across the globe. In China, the place of origin (which is why American President Donald Trump referred to it as ‘Chinese Virus’), the decline in cases started to happen after March 6 as per data.  (

The global status of Coronavirus spread is a reason for worry not because the death rate is 4-5% but because we don’t know its cure.

Nothing has been approved as a definite solution of COVID-19 so far. But the ray of hope comes from the same place that is its origin – China. Today, as we stand on March 22, the total number of COVID-19 cases in China have been 81,499, total number of deaths 3,267 and the number of people infected in China as of date is 731.

The figures of China give us hope that if best possible efforts are made, COVID-19 can be tackled well and it should be eradicated completely from a country in approximate 2 months.

But at 4,827 deaths why is Italy suffering its impact so much. With half the number of cases in comparison to China and more deaths and sadly though growing number of confirmed cases each passing day. Yesterday’s figures say more than 700 people died in Italy. Why is Italy not able to manage COVID-19?

Sadly, there are no answers to any of these questions. But there is one country which needs to be very cautious and take all possible measures to contain COVID-19 and that is INDIA. With its 130 crore population, India surely cannot effort to take this as a joke.


In yesterday’s news from India, we learned that the cost of test in private set-ups has been fixed at Rs.4500. But seriously, can an average Indian family of four spend this much of money on getting themselves tested. Mr Modi needs to find a way to get this test free in each hospital, if he really wants to take this head-on.

As someone mentioned yesterday, that the maximum number of people suffering from Tuberculosis is in India, thus we cannot even begin the image the lives that can be at stake if proper measures to curb and contain COVID-19 are not taken.

Also, if you go by the way COVID-19 has behaved, it has been termed the killer of rich and famous. Which means that the virus is infecting global travellers, who possibly are passing it down among their employees, servants, caretakers or drivers.

The social media is full of information, misinformation, memes, caution and jokes on COVID-19. But how many of us are taking the situation seriously?

Countries most affected: Italy, USA, UK, Iran, Spain, Austria, South Korea, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands

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