Newcomers Deserve A Fair Chance At Success : Patty Hajdu

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Government of Canada helps 1,200 internationally trained newcomers in the Greater Toronto Area get their skills credentials recognized in Canada.

Today, Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, announced a new project to help approximately 1,200 internationally trained newcomers in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area get their foreign credentials recognized so they can integrate into the job market faster, and contribute to our growing economy. The Government of Canada is investing close to $3.8 million over 8 years in the Accelerating Career Advancement project by The Centre for Education and Training (TCET). With this investment, The TCET will help new Canadians find good quality jobs int heir area of expertise.

The Foreign Credential Recognition Program (FCRP), which provides funding to provincial and territorial governments, regulatory bodies, national associations and credential assessment agencies. Governments and organizations use the funding for projects to streamline foreign credential recognition processes. The FCRP also provides loans to newcomers to help them cover expenses related to getting their skills and training recognized. It offers employment support services to help skilled newcomers get their first Canadian work experience in their profession and field of study.

Talking to IndiaTimes.Live, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour Patty Hajdu said “Our success depends on everyone getting a fair chance at success –including newcomers. Helping newcomers get their foreign skills credentials recognized will allow them to pursue their profession in our workforc,. Through this investment, we are making sure no untapped talent is left behind. When we give newcomers a fair chance at success in Canada, our economy and our middle class grow.”


Giving further information she mentioned that  newcomers often face unique challenges finding work in their field because of a lack of recognition of their education and training acquired abroad. To ensure a skilled, competitive, and inclusive workforce, the Government of Canada is helping internationally trained newcomers, find and keep good, well-paying jobs, which is part of our government’s plan to grow our economy, strengthen the middle class and ensure Canada’s future competitiveness.

The Minister very categorically mentioned that the Liberal government is working very hard to provide all a fair chance at success by creating more and more such opportunities where all skill that Canada has, gets its professional credit. Our government is working for the welfare of the community and projects like these definitely will make a huge impact in the job markets as well.

Quick Facts:
  • The Toronto census metro area is home to over 350,000 or 36% of Canada’s newcomers. (Statistics Canada, 2016)
  • In 2017, over 13,975 newcomers visited the Centre for Education & Training<> to get information and referral centres
  • Recent immigrants (aged 15-64) have a lower employment rate (62.2%) than non-immigrants (71.7%). (Statistics Canada, Census 2016)
  • Newcomer women in visible minority groups have a higher unemployment rate (14.4%) than their male counterparts. (10.2%). (Statistics Canada, 2011-2016 newcomers to Canada)
  • FCR Loans Projects delivers up to $15,000 to eligible recipients to cover costs of getting their credentials recognized and provides direct employment supports

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