NDP Sinking Under Green Party Weight, IndiaTimes.Live polls first to predict!


Federal Election 2019: Green Party v/s NDP (click link to check poll)

ndp v/s green party_indiatimeslive


“The NDP is in serious difficulty,” announced pollster Frank Graves, president and founder of EKOS Research, in an interview to a national news portal. “Given the numbers we have seen, it’s possible they [Green Party] will win more seats than the NDP, he has been quoted.

The numbers that EKOS Research poll released recently, threw up 11 per cent support for Green Party and the NDP at 10 per cent.

Similar were the findings of IndiaTimes.Live, which conducted a social media poll on July 31, that went on nearly for a week across Canada. It clearly showed the rise of Green Party over NDP.

There are issues in NDP in each province. Starting from nominations to party senior party leaders, if we go by sources in the NDP, its leader Jagmeet Singh has not been able to keep the seniors happy. The reason for this could be that he is single handedly taking all decisions on nominations, without consulting anyone.

The situation in Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, B.C. all seems to be the same. There are many Ridings where NDP is yet to declare its nominees, whereas Conservatives and Liberals have already gained much ground their candidates have been canvassing for many weeks.

The Green Party, which looks very strong and clear on where it would fight, has spread its team to make the most of their efforts and resources.

But what’s wrong with NDP? Something surely is not working in its favour and this is evident from the opinion polls published on an online portal.

IndiaTimes.Live had written to Mr Jagmeet Singh and his media management team for their reasons to explain the present performance of the party. But, the response is still awaited.

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