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Meet Jagmeet Singh, The Kingmaker of Canada!

Canada News Special

The final fight to the finish line is between the Liberals and the Conservatives as Canada votes October 21.

On the sidelines, these elections have boosted the aspirations and dreams of millions of people of one such community that has played an important role in shaping the destiny of the country.

Today, Sikhs across Canada are inching towards realising a dream that many a eye has been following for decades now. A dream of leading the country by sitting at the top position of a Prime Minister.

National Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, who was recently-elected MP from British Columbia’s Burnaby, has come out so strong that he is all set to play the role of a king maker. NDP is not likely to form the government but the pulse of last-minute assessment of the mood of the people points towards a hung house, with neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives being able to achieve majority.

Media opinions, pre-poll analysis and whispers in the corridors of politics clearly talk about the power that this a simple lawyer Amritdhari Sikh leader has come to yield in the political arena.

Jagmeet has clearly risen to be the most popular Canadian Sikh leader, one who represents not only the born Canadians but even the naturalised ones.

IndiaTimes.Live’s study and insight gained through extensive research also points to the fact that this man has become the Ace of Canadian politics. Jagmeet is going to be instrumental in helping Justin Trudeau or Andrew Scheer formalise their plans to be the next Premier of Canada.

No, this journey has not been easy for the NDP leader. He has been subject to constant ridicule for dreaming way bigger than his boots. If the Sikh community is finding itself on the threshold of power, it is all attributed to this Sikh gentleman.

Few months back, we all were talking about how the Green Party will take over NDP and the reasons cited was Jagmeet Singh and his appearance, his religion, his creed, his community. But none of this deterred him as he continuously walked towards his goal. When we look at him today, the magical words of Guru Gobind Singh ji come to my mind “Sawa lakh se ek laraun, Tabe Gobind Singh naam kahaun’, (only when I make my one Sikh fight 1.25 lakh other soldiers is when you call me Guru Gobind).

The way Jagmeet Singh has stood strong at the National debates was completely a surprise for all. His wisdom, presence of mind and eye for detail and rebuttal, just made him an out and out winner in all debates. His critics are today saying that this man would not only take Brampton and Surrey, but he would also get good number of seats in Quebec, despite his personal opposition to Bill-21.

jagmeet singh_indiatimes.live

It was Quebec where he was told that he should remove his turban and first look like a Canadian. He was then forced to remind the people that Canada is a country of diverse cultures and a nation where we have the right to be and look like what we want.

So today if the national media giants are calling him a cret weapon in Federal election 2019, it’s a matter of pride for every Sikh across the globe since Dr Manmohan Singh became the Prime Minister of India.

As a matter of fact, today if this man is giving reality to many dreams, global Sikh organisations must step forward and raise one voice and get this man the right support to show the world the unity of Sikh community.

It is now or never for the Sikhs to make a global stage for their leader and set pace with this man who is sure to be an important part of the next House of Commons.

So, a call for Sikh communities to today walk and vote for Jagmeet Singh or rest all their appeals for Sikh rights in future.


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