India under lockdown: Only Narendra Modi could have taken such a bold, progressive decision

COVID-19 Special

In a very bold and progressive decision, the Prime Minister of India’s has sent 1.3 billion people of the country under “total lockdown” from midnight of March 24 for three weeks to fight the spread of coronavirus. The world is watching in awe and shock together.

“From midnight, the entire country will be in lockdown, total lockdown. To save India, to save its every citizen, you, your family… every street, every neighbourhood is being put under lockdown,” he declared in his second address to the nation in a week.

“Forget about leaving home in the next 21 days… If you cross the Lakshman Rekha, you will invite the virus home. 21 days’ lockdown may seem to be a long time, but this is the only way to ensure everyone is safe. If we don’t handle these 21 days well, then our country, your family will go backwards by 21 years,” the PM said, folding his hands several times during his half-hour speech.

Now, a pertinent point raised is that if a third-world country like India can take such a historic decision, why haven’t United States or Canada been able to ensure a complete lockdown in their countries? Each Province has been individually ordering restrictions and closedowns. And to everyones’s scare, the numbers are still continually rising.

After Russia, it’s India which is working towards curbing the spread of this dreaded disease and the 21-day country-wide lockdown is the timely taken step by the dynamic PM Modi.

At the same time, what have the North America’s big daddies done? A lockdown where offices, grocery stores, liquor shops are open and there are huge line-ups of people at each store.

Complete lockdown in India and HydroxyChloroquine

India, on the other hand, has ordered a nation-wide ‘curfew’ and it will ensure basic essentials are made available at the doorsteps and people will not have to step out of their homes. Each state has been alerted and has started to work on a war footing to keep the people indoors. Many states are giving financial aid to the tune of 3,000-3,500 to daily wagers, the most hard hit section of the society.

At a time when US President spoke about the use of HydroxyChloroquine, a medicine that was used to treat malaria in India, as a possible treatment of COVID-29, India had successfully treated a person in Jaipur with it two weeks back.

New York alone has close to 26,000 cases reported and US President Donald Trump is already talking about easing the restriction by Easter. Seriously? The USA could become the new centre of the global coronavirus pandemic, according to the World Health Organization, which said case numbers were rising quickly there even as Donald Trump talked of reopening the country for business. The reason for him showing this positivity could be the upcoming elections and if coronavirus outbreak is not handled well by him, he will definitely lose the Presidentship.

What Punjab has done so far.

In comparison, in one of Indian states of Punjab, its Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh has said the authorities have been able to identify as many as 94,000 NRIs and people who have returned from corona-infected countries in the recent days. All of them have been put on the radar of tracking and at airports, their hands were stamped for identity verification later on.

Most of these people have been tracked and around 30,000 placed under isolation. All-out efforts were being made to trace the remaining, he said, adding that constant monitoring was in progress to keep check on any new entrants.


In face of many suspects/exposed/positive cases running away from isolation, the Indian government ordered that the homes of the foreign travel returned people labelled as being in self isolation and the number of people in the household who were a part of the family under quarantine.

Many people objected to this, seeing it as social discrimination and stigma, but have eventually realised the importance of the decision and supported the markings.

On the economic front, each country will bear the brunt and the global economy will sink. According to experts, it will take upto at least three years for the global economy to get back to normalcy. Because globalism has connected us all tightly to China, when China gets the coronavirus, we all will get sick, if only economically.

Who did it?

There are some who are raising an accusing finger at China that it created the virus and it got accidentally leaked at a laboratory in Wuhan. China, on the other hand, is blaming the USA. This war for supremacy between China and USA has been age-old now.

To quote, either:

– A coronavirus spontaneously mutated and jumped to humans at a wet market or deep in some random bat cave which just so happened to be 20 miles from China’s only BSL-4 virology lab, a virus with an unusually slippery never-before-seen genome that’s evading zoological classification, and whose spike-protein region which allows it to enter host cells appears most like a bio-engineered commercial product, that somehow managed to infect its first three and roughly one-third of its initial victims despite them not being connected to this market, and then be so fined-tuned to humans that it’s gone on to create the single greatest public health crisis in Chinese history with approaching 100 million citizens locked-down or quarantined – also causing Mongolia to close its border with its largest trading partner for the first time in modern history.

– Or, Chinese scientists failed to follow correct sanitation protocols possibly while in a rush during their boisterous holiday season, something that had been anticipated since the opening of the BSL-4 lab and has happened at least four times previously, and accidentally released this bio-engineered Wuhan Strain – likely created by scientists researching immunotherapy regimes against bat coronaviruses, who’ve already demonstrated the ability to perform every step necessary to bio-engineer the Wuhan Strain 2019-nCov – into their population, and now the world. As would be expected, this virus appears to have been bio-engineered at the spike-protein genes which was already done at UNC to make an extraordinarily virulent coronavirus. Chinese efforts to stop the full story about what’s going on are because they want the scales to be even since they’re now facing a severe pandemic and depopulation event. No facts point against this conclusion.

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The point of the origin of COVID-19 is moot and perhaps will never be proven as now the cat is out of the bag. For our individual health, to find out whether COVID-19 was a bio-weapon originating from the U.S. or China or elsewhere can’t help in our fight against the illness. And, the illness is here. So rather than finding out who did it or where did the virus originate from, all attention and focus should be on finding the cure for it.

Let’s not forget, saving millions of people who are under threat – not just physically but economically and psychological too – is what needs to be done.

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