India Crosses 2 Lakh Coronavirus Cases, 5,598 Deaths

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India today logged 2 lakh cases of coronavirus — roughly 15 days after it crossed the one lakh mark. For the last three days, the country has been reporting more than 8,000 infections a day. This morning it reported 8,171 cases — a total of the last 24 hours — leaving it a whisker short of 2 lakh cases.

Besides, 204 deaths were reported, taking the number of fatalities to 5,598.

The country is currently the seventh among the 10 nations hit worst by the virus. Italy, with 2.33 lakh cases is in the sixth slot. The US with more than 18 lakh cases, is the nation worst hit by the virus, followed by Brazil, with more than 5.2 lakh. Among the states, Maharashtra remains the nation’s coronavirus hotspot with more than 70,000 cases.

The Indian Council of Medical Research, nodal body in the battle against coronavirus, said the virus is far from reaching the peak in India. Talking about the transmission of the virus, ICMR scientist Nivedita Gupta said: “Instead of the use of “community transmission”, we need to understand the extent of the spread of the disease. We are far from the peak. Our measures to curtail the disease are effective. India has been very good in the reduction in mortality.”.


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