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HELP: Indian Students to Canadian Government

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An open letter from an Indian Student to Canadian Government: These students get millions to Canada but feel no one cares for them?

I am an Indian student studying in Saskatchewan province of Canada. As due to outbreak of novel corona virus in Canada and around the world universities and colleges were shut down here due to that I was travelling back to Ahmedabad, India. As there were number of travel restriction imposed by Indian government which states that no passenger aircraft would land on India land soil after 23 March 5:30 IST. So as per the restriction I booked a ticket in Etihad airways flight from Saskatoon to Ahmedabad India via Toronto and Abu Dhabi.

I travelled from Saskatoon to Toronto when I reached Toronto everything was good and I proceed to my next gate from where I had to board a flight to Abu Dhabi just before 10 minutes of boarding me and other passenger including my fellow Indian mates got to know that our flight got delayed by 12 hrs. and then we were not allowed to board that flight to due to travel restriction imposed by Indian government. All this incidence happened in on 20thmarch since 20thmarch we are stranded in Toronto living in hotel since about a week paying 200$ everyday just in one hope that we will be able to go home and be with our family in this tough situation. We also tried to reach out Indian commission in Canada but even they did not help us. I would like to request that please help us the Indian student stranded in Canada we are running out of money, risking our lives by living in Toronto. I would to request that as the Indian government helped the stranded student as they brought them back from Italy, Iran and Wuhan. Similarly help us to go back to India.

And I completely understand what the situation in India is, but you have to understand our situation and from what all we the Indian students going through. I am not a from Toronto so I don’t have any one in Toronto with whom I can stay. I had a flight from Saskatoon to Ahmedabad via Toronto and Abu Dhabi my I travelled to Toronto with all my luggage and my flight got delayed due to which I was not able to reach back India before deadline hence I was stranded at Toronto. As I mentioned that I don’t know anyone here I am living in hotel since Friday I am running short of money. As the travel restrictions are till 31st march we don’t have any assurance that after that we will be able to go back to India still we are here in Toronto living in hotel almost out of money in just one hope that we will be able to reach India and we will be with our parents but there is not support from Indian government.

They are helping Indian citizen in Iran Italy but what about Indian students here in Canada. Cases are also increasing in Canada its almost 3000 when will our Indian government will take action to bring back Indian students studying in Canada. Moreover, I had booked another flight of Etihad airway of 29th march in ray of hope that I would be able to go back to India on 29th march but Etihad suspended all its operation. If now the restrictions are uplifted by Indian government, I would have to buy a new ticket and I am already paying 200 $ a day for my stay. Please sir please understand out situation. What’s out fault? Is this our fault? Is it a fault to be a citizen of world largest democracy? I have heard that India runs for the people by the people and of the people. Why are we not acting like that when it is most needed? And sir in this situation we are stuck if we wait for Indian government to uplift the restrictions and in mean time the Canadian government closes the interstate border then we won’t be able to go back to provinces from where we belong. And as I said we don’t have anyone here in Toronto it would be miserable to face that situation. Its been a week me and many Indian students are stranded in Toronto and just have hope request to help us  by bringing us back to India.

Please sir, please give us a ray of hope. We are also the future of Indian. We are also the future voters of India. And lastly, we are also human beings who needs support of their national country India.

I am an Indian student studying in Canada.

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