Fool v/s Fool: Shame on you Mr Arnab Goswami!

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The nation today wants to know that IS Arnab Goswami answerable to anyone?

Stand-up Comedian Kunal Kamra taking on a rapid fire round on Republic TV Editor Arnab Goswami aboard the Mumbai-Lucknow Indigo Flight has opened a new debate in India.

Is the media divided or is it sold? The three pillars of democracy – legislature, executive and judiciary ensure that the constitutional provisions are followed both in letter and spirit. Media has come to be referred as the Fourth pillar. Media plays the role of being the watchdog to keep a vigilant eye on how the other three functioned, so as to be able to protect the interest of masses at large and public in general.


So, if Arnab Goswami can hold a daily TV show where he questions on behalf of the Nation, why has the role reversal by another media guy questioning Arnab been turned into such an issue?

Does this mean that no one can question Mr Arnab Goswami as he is the pet of Mr Modi? The clout and power that Arnab Goswami exercises is evident by the way Kunal Kamra has been banned by all the airlines.

The ‘Nation Wants To Know’: Is Arnab Goswami not answerable to anyone?

We have read about kings having a jester in their courts. These court jesters used humour and sarcasm to criticise and raise questions to the king about impropriety of situations, if arisen. Even in Shakespeare’s plays, we have seen characters playing the fool in king’s court rooms. So what’s wrong if Kunal Kamra took on Mr Arnab and questioned him?




Come on Arnab, have the sportsman spirit. Today if you have been bowled a googly that you couldn’t bat well, you can’t have the player banned from the game.

Shame on you Arnab. Shame on the word democracy for India, where such mandates are passed which make us realise we the MANGO people are just pawns in the hands of these power fixers.

Arnab, be a good player and apologise to Kunal Kamra and play the game. Call him to your show and play a 20-20 with him. Show to the nation that Media the Fourth Estate still exists in Hindustan.


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