Covid-19: Is Ignorance bliss or is India sitting on a ticking time bomb?

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Taruni Gandhi


I just can’t believe it.

I am in utter shock and disappointed too.

Shocked because at a time my nation needs all the seriousness, people are behaving completely irresponsibly.

Yes, I am shocked that when everyone should be helping each other to fight this deadly virus COVID-19, some unscrupulous elements have the audacity to turn these trying times into making a quick buck.

And yes disappointed certainly with the way this horrifying time is being seen as a ‘One Time Opportunity” to make money.

We need to look at it as “One Time Opportunity” for you to save ourselves and your fellow nation mates.

Credits: Taruni Gandhi

1. Please don’t play with other’s lives. Make everything free related to this COVID-19. Be it tests, masks or sanitizers.

2. Please don’t hide your travel history, your contact history, your symptoms. You are not only putting your life at danger, but your family’s life too whom you love. Right?

3. Please don’t run in case you are vulnerable or already know that you can be in this deadly net. Please go to the hospital, go isolated for 28 days at least.

4. I am using a mask and sanitiser so I am safe. But how can you say that. You are not an expert. Safest is…don’t go out, sit at home if you don’t have a travel history or contact with any such.

5. Ask people you have met in recent last 14 days that did they meet any foreign return, stay at least 2 feet away from everyone in case you have no option but to go out. Take a bath immediately on returning home, wash your clothes in the heat mode. Don’t kiss or hug your kids, no physical touch for that matter.


Taruni Gandhi is a Health Correspondent based out of Chandigarh, India.

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