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Battleground Brampton: Liberals rock on Social Media, just like Justin Trudeau


With Federal Elections approaching, Justin Trudeu is riding high on social media spent and why not, Trudeau has lots to say and his strategists and advisors are seemingly making all the right moves and using all kind of media tools to communicate and inform their voters about the good deeds of Mr Trudeau and his government. As per recent media reports Liberals are spending 50 % more money than Conservatives and NDP clubbed together.

So Indiatimes.Live team got to the social media of the Brampton candidates to find out how are they fairing on Facebook and how effectively they are using the platform to woo their voters.

The national trend remained the same in Brampton too, with Liberals going all out on social media and making the most of it, while Conservatives and NDP candidates are more of less sticking to the conventional media and regular methods for campaigning.

Here is how candidates in Brampton are doing:

Kamal Khera: 26 k page likes and a personal profile, with a good video, very confident and loads of community engagement pics, page and pics being updates on minute to minute basis with daily activity being promoted well. Though we don’t find any specify commercial advts being played.

Navjit Kaur: A newcomer and that’s what the profile says with around 1.4 k page likes a personal account would have. The Page does not have much to offer, as she had only one video talking about herself and her political goals. The profile was very weak with fewer pics of campaigns.

Murarilal Thapliyal: With 966 Page likes and a special page voice of Brampton West with 781 likes, looks like a very shoddy and half-baked effort of reaching to the voters through social media. Through the creative posts and well drafted videos and messages of the Conservatives placed well on all campaign branding, Mr MT is trying to make an appearance. The second Page MT voice of Brampton West has not been updated since after August 11. Why have a Page or a slogan to it if it is not even used to communicate for the real fight which is now.

Ramona Singh: Fighting for Brampton as the slogan shouts. She has around 6.5 page likes with 58 videos and surely she has used her media person charm and on-screen presence well to reach out to the voters through the social media space. The Page is updated well and she has all the possible tools used well. Pics, posts, post messages, live Facebook videos. Surely a mediaperson.

Maninder Sidhu: Quite very unlikely for a young fairboy to ignore the social media like this with virtually less than 298 Page likes. The page looks more like a personal profile that the mentioned politician profile. Sad though in times of social media explosion, the tool is not used to reach out. Maybe he knows he doesn’t need it but then why not use the medium to keep fans and followers updated by informing them about your efforts, participation and community engagement. The voter today needs to know if your efforts, but alas, Mr Sidhu doesn’t like being social. But how a politician be asocial, shocking though.

Saranjit Singh: With 707 Page likes, Mr Saranjit Singh’s page says its Saranjit Singh for Brampton East and it’s a political organization. Well that talks loads of how much and how well these new kids on the block understand social media platforms. In the videos there is not much to show or see as these seem like a mandatory ingredient for the page. Yet another young politician who just doesn’t have the understanding of how to use the social media space to garnish political and community support.

Pawanjit Gosal: Now we expected this page to be surely more than the 312 likes it has. She is an ex-MP’s wife who should have taken the social media and its outreach more seriously. It seems that she is not getting the right kind of training from her husband who has 5.5 k likes on his own Page. Though Pawanjit has put all lines of communication messages on her page but lady if enough people are not reading your messages what is the use of posting good pics, post and videos. Another social media flop.

Ramesh Sangha: An awesome 13. 7 k likes. The present MP of Brampton Centre surely understands the value of Social media space. His page is very communicative, informative and surely the Team Sangha needs an applaud for doing a good job and taking the social media space very seriously. Mr Sangha good job and if efforts well received by the voters, you will surely win the Brampton Centre seat this time as well. A good social politician, who is making every effort to reach out and be in the Centre of all activity.

Jordon Boswell: Close to 600 likes on his Page, he is only there to be there. The page seems to be more of cross promotion of other NDP candidates from Brampton than showcase his own efforts. Mr Boswell the title for the page is Jordon Boswell for Brampton Centre and you surely have a fierce competition, so you being youth should have surely taken some tips from your leader Mr Jagmeet Singh who’s always there on social media. It seems there are miles before you reach any endline here my Friend.

Arpan Khanna: With almost 2k Page likes the Conservative young guy is using the Team Arpan Khanna Page well. The communication is clear and messages to reach out are both local and national eminence. The nicely done post and fewer videos it seems like a decent effort to use the social media space. Though going by his profile and creative work on the Page, there have been more page followers and more content. But nonetheless, there seems some effort atleast.

Ruby Sahota: Now this is surely a politician’s page with about 27.6k likes. The Facebook page talks volumes about the efforts and communication of Ruby and she has used the Page to make an excellent showcase of all her work and efforts to reach out to the voters. The well-done videos, posts and picture this Page hold a lot of potential to get a good victory.

Melissa Edwards: She doesn’t have a political figure Facebook Page, yes doesn’t and she is only one using her personal account for all her promotions and campaign picture postings. Mr Jagmeet Singh you really needed to take some campaigning and promotion classes for your candidates as in today’s time, how can we miss out on any opportunity to reach out and engage with our voters. With this kind of efforts one thing is for sure, Melissa it doesn’t seem to be even close to her rivals, forget winning the seat all.

Ramandeep Brar: With 894 Page likes, Mr Brar where would you reach. You have about 70,000 voters in your Riding. Should have atleast made a little more effort to reach out using the social media space. Though the content and posts on the Page are good and very informative but with such less number of followers all efforts go in vain. Mr Ramandep Brar maybe next time.

Sonia Sidhu: Another politician perfect with about 23k Page likes. This page looks like a profile of a winner. Beautifully edited videos, well drafted event posts and clear messages, talks how well the campaign is being managed. Such efforts need to be shown to the newcomers to undertand how to use the social media platforms to create the right kind of buzz and impact. Surely a winner Sonia.

Mandeep Kaur: Yet again, an NDP candidate with just 600 Page likes on Facebook. Come on NDP candidates, you ought to have focused a little more on exploring the social media to you advantage. Look at the Pages of Liberal candidates to understand how the Facebook is used to showcase your work and efforts. An effort and seat wasted it seems.


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