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The Woods Are Lovely….But Let Me Sleep Before The Miles To Go

‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’. If he said, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep”, with Christmas round the corner and elections over, it’s sleep time for our guys in politics.

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guru nanak street

Jagatguru Nanak Devji’s Glory Gets Canadian Love

The aura of the celebrations reached foreign shores. And Canada, a country never shying from its multi cultural identity lovingly embraces the Guru’s vision by naming a street in Punjabi infested area Brampton, by naming one of the locality’s streets after the great saint. It is heartening to see the Brampton City Council take this great initiative on a motion initiated by regional councilor Gurpreet Singh Dhillon and city councillor Harkirat Singh.

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jagmeet singh


So, it’s surprising that this rising star of Canadian politics had major setbacks in the October Federal elections. Unlike Trump and his tirade against the minorities, Canada does well to hide its racial discrimination. But you can no longer hide it when we talk of political power. I think for many whites in Canada, Jagmeet could be intimidating in his Sikh avatar. The right wing radicalism does make some people’s skin white.

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house of

Savita Bhatti: The Complicated Political Hues In Canada

Whoever said that “No party will control the House of Commons”, is having the last laugh. Trudeau and his party’s campaign for power was so damaged by the ‘brownface’, ‘blackface’ photos and his involvement and interference in a court case that instead of a thumping majority, all you got was a quivering, fragile return to power. It was left to the ‘Sardar” in the elections to steady the government.

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Gosal family political tuitions in Brampton: Eyewash for voters, beware!

In politics, all’s well that ends within the family: The money, the power, the position, and the votes. But it’ll be the voter who will be having the last laugh as the elections will tell us whether Bal Gosal tutored his wife Paramjit Gosal well and whether she was actually listening to her husband’s ‘election special’ classes or not.

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Trudeau brownface_Indiatimeslive

Introducing Mr Trudeau The Canadian SULTAN

So when Justin Trudeau’s college time pictures of having a ‘blackface’ and ‘brownface’, that is wearing make up to change the color of your skin, I was elated. Here was an extremely good looking foreigner who in his college days fantasized about being ‘brown’ and ‘black’. What a great tribute to the Black and other ‘non white’ communities.

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Brampton Election Buzz: Punjabi v/s Punjabi, All Loss

So, that ‘Punjabiat’ continues here in Canada too. We, as a community are so happy pulling each other down, that in the process we all fall down and somebody else walks away being a Senator. Even at the fundraising events, where we garner the maximum funds, less is the passion for the cause and more is to spite your fellow Punjabi competitor. What false ego is this that holds us back from converging into a strong, united community?

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The Balle Balle factor in Canada elections…

When it’s election time, the opponents wear invisible boxing gloves and box, badger and bruise each other on every issue. Like little squabbling children, they cannot agree on anything. Canada, facing the elections this year shows the same pattern. But for one issue, the gloves are off.   And that is the strength of the Punjabi community in […]

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