Andrew Scheer: A possibility, but there could be a slip between the cup and the lip

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Ups for Andrew Scheer:

1. Anti-incumbency wave and a strong hate wave against Trudeau can make the Liberals fall. Change in leadership could have saved the Liberals.

2. Andrew Scheer’s professional portfolio is what is impressing the Canadians to vote for the Conservatives.

3. Canadians identify with Andrew Scheer as a common man who knows the problems of increase in debts that a family man has in this country.

4. Andrew Scheer has a clean reputation, Canada wants to give him a chance to implement his pro-Canadian policies, where more focus is laid on the common man and not on facilitating international communities.

5. The strong Ontario hold on National politics and influence can surely get the wave in his favour which stands at a close balance.


Down-side for Andrew Scheer

1. Influence of Doug Ford on Andrew Scheer can play a strong role in pulling the Conservatives down.

2. The corrupt past of Conservatives, by the likes of former PM Stephen Harper will haunt Andrew Scheer, but better answers to the mistakes of the past can surely do the trick.

3. Anti-immigrant policies of the Conservatives and the fear of getting the economy closed will be a strong deciding factor on the vote. Globalization of economy, more jobs and industry boost can change the scenario.

4. The two-party toggle can go for or against Andrew Scheer. The vis-à-vis with Justin Trudeau and his charisma will be something to watch out for.

5. Andrew Scheer needs to get into a very one-on-one with people and encash his reputation of the next-door neighbor’s child, who knows what’s best for the community and the generations to come.

6. Right practices and ideology of the international political lobby.


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