27 killed in Kabul gurdwara attack; Indian Intel suspects Pak-backed LeT, Haqqani Network hand

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Terrorists attacked the Gurudwara in the Shor bazar area of Kabul early Wednesday morning when 150 people were at the gurdwara, killing at least 27 people. According to sources, terrorists wanted to target Indian diplomats visiting Gurudwara at the time of the attack, according to reports.

Indian Intelligence Agencies believe that Lashkar-e-Tayibba and Haqqani Network, orchestrated by Pakistan’s ISI, are responsible for the attack. Sources say the attack was intended for the Indian Embassy but the plan to attack the Indian mission failed due to tight security.

As per agencies, the death toll was slightly higher, adding more than 30 people were killed and 42 wounded, 20 of whom were in a serious condition.

Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry said a lone Islamic State gunman rampaged through a gurdwara in Kabul, killing 25 worshippers and wounding eight.

The gunman held many of the worshippers hostage for several hours as Afghan special forces, helped by international troops, tried to clear the building. At least one of the dead was a child.

As the siege ended, the Afghan special forces rescued at least 80 trapped worshippers, the ministry said.

Earlier, Afghan lawmaker Narindra Singh Khalsa said he rushed over to help after receiving a call from a person inside the Gurdwara telling him of the attack. There were about 150 people inside at the time, he said.

At a Kabul hospital, Mohan Singh, who was in the Gurdwara when the attack began, said he first heard the sound of gunshots and ducked for cover under a table. Later he heard explosions, adding that he believes they were hand grenades. He was wounded when parts of the ceiling fell on him.

This is the deadliest attack since the peace deal was signed between the US and Taliban in Doha, where the US has agreed to completely withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

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